MUNSTER M.P.C. April 4th, 5th and 6th '97



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Outside of Kerry the Galty Mountains boast the highest peak in Munster, Galtymore at 919 metres. The ridge of the Galty mountains is about 26km/16 miles long and runs roughly East West - from the historical town of Cahir almost as far as Mitchelstown. It includes 6 peaks over 650m (2,15Oft).

Our Route this weekend will be on the Western side of the Galtys with its beautiful valleys and spectacular views of the Glen of Aherlow and to the North and the Knockmealdowns and the Comeraghs to the South.

Friday 4 April

Directions to Start (857 202) The start is located off the main Dublin-Cork road (N8). This is a busy road with speeding traffic so follow instructions carefully.

If travelling from Cork/Mitchelstown direction, take the second left turn after the village of Kilbeheny (851 158). The correct turn has a signpost for a forest car-park/picnic site (872 164).

If travelling from Dublin/Cahir, watch out for a 'Welcome to County Limerick' sign. Just after this, there is a signpost indicating a right turn towards forest car-park/picnic site (872 164).


From the corner at 872 164 follow the road in a northerly direction for about 5.5km to a fork at 866 191. Keep to the right here. The road deteriorates from here and parking is limited so staff will be on hands to assist. When ready make your way to the start of the walk at 857 202.

Cross a footbridge and follow a definite track keeping a dry stone wall on your right. After about I km, a gate blocks the track. Here you must leave the track and follow the wall steeply uphill for a short distance. The wall turns right and levels off. Continue to follow it to the corner where it begins to drop downhill. Leave the wall here and pick up the track again.

The track begins to drop down into the valley, becoming less distinct as it does until you reach the campsite at 853 220.

The campsite is surrounded by a dry stone wall. If you need stones to secure your tent please take them from the river not from the wall. (This is at the request of the farmer who has kindly given us permission to camp here).
Saturday 5 April

Campsite to Col (855 223) Follow the zig-zag path that leads to the Col below Monabrack 629m (name not shown on map). On the way you'll have excellent views of the campsite and of the deep gullies made by streams coming down from Lyracappul.

Col to Galty Wall (853 236) Head up along the shoulder of Bengower. This is a tough climb so take time to enjoy the views of Knockduff and the massive Glounreagh valley below.

Galty Wall to Carrignabinna (850 237) The wall was built in 1880 to mark the boundary of two great estates' Its almost 4 miles long running from Lyracappul almost as far as Galtymore. If the visibility is good, you should see Galtymore off to the east, the Knockmealdowns to the south and further away to the south-east the Comeraghs. Cross to the northern side of the wall and follow it westwards for about 100m until you meet a turn. Leave the wall here and head out to Carrignabinna. From here there are superb views of the Glen of Aherlow and beyond.

Carrignabinna to Lyracappul (845 232) Follow the ridge westwards to Lyracappul, making sure to keep back from the edge - its a long way down to Glen below.

Lyracappul to Knockaterrif Beg (843 220) Be sure to navigate carefully here as it would be easy to miss the col and drop way down into the gullies to the right and left of the col.

Knockterrif Bee to Temple Hill (834 218) Drop westwards into the col and begin the steep climb of Temple I-Ell which is crowned by a huge cairn.

Temple Hill to Track Junction (841200) Leave Temple Hill and head in a southerly direction through an area strewn with rocks until you pick up a track (It reaches further up the hill than is shown on map).

Track Junction to Track end (846 197) Continue along the track to the point on map where it ends.

Track end to Blackrock River (857 202) Make your way carefully down to the Blackrock River, where your walk began on Friday.

Blackrock River to Campsit (853 220) Follow the same route back to the campsite as you took on Friday. Compare the difference in the time it takes you.

Sunday 6 April

When your site has been inspected, check out of the campsite and retrace your steps to the start of the walk (857 202). Check out at the checkpoint beside the footbridge.

Hope you enjoyed the weekend Safe Home!