MAP 71 Discovery series

APRIL 12/13/14TH 1996

FRIDAY NIGHT 12TH APRIL Instructions to start:

Derrymore Strand carpark 731 110

Please arrive between 8 and 10 o'clock

Leave Tralee on the Dingle road through Blennerville note the windmill). After about 7km there is a hump back bridge. Take the second right down to the Derrymore Strand carpark. Park yourselves here, cheek in and once everyone is clear on the route follow the lane back up to the main road. Turn left back towards Tralee and take a right turn up a gravelled lane at 741 111. Follow this winding lane uphill past a couple of houses, following the markers. You will reach an access gate to open hillside at 743 106. You're now just north of the Dingle way.

Gate 743 106 to Derrymore River 745 104 Follow the rough track leading north from the gate up to the Dingle way. Follow the Dingle way east ( a very basic stony track/ditch contouring across open mountainside marked as a red dotted line on the map ). Just before the river you will be detoured southwards/uphill off the Dingle way slightly to avoid a very marshy area, late corners beware! walk round this marshy area to the river and check in at the bridge.

Basecamp is either in the gully of the river or on the flat patches of ground above, as conditions dictate. BE SURE TO CHECK IN AT BASECAMP at the bridge and then make yourselves comfortable....
Instructions to High camp

Once you know your team start time get the brekker organised and pack everything ready to head for High camp. Make sure EVERYONE has a clear knowledge of the route ahead and then check out at the allocated time once your site is clean and checked.

NO LITTER ... everyone looks after their own. USE YOUR MAPS AND COMPASSES ... know where you are and where you're going!

Base camp 745 104 to Rock above river junction 745 096

Once fully checked out of Base camp head south up the west side of the Derrymore river following a rough trail about 1 Om above the river. You are now heading up a steep V-shaped valley and gaining height rapidly. You will reach a small rock before and above the river junction which has had coins and metal objects jammed into it over the years.

Rock 744 094 to lower lake/High camp 740 080

Continue up the valley in a south westerly direction staying above the river. Note the rugged side of An Gearan and further on gullies and scree caused by severe water erosion. Rising above you to the east is the spot height peak 723m. Keep going until you reach the first small lake which you will note is shallow and sandy bottomed. Note also the manmade wall dams.

CHECK IN AT HIGH CAMP AND QUICKLY GET YOUR TENT UP AND UNLOAD EXCESS GEAR. You will need only a daypack for the rest of the climb. Don't hang about, as soon as you're ready check out and get going.

High camp 740 080 to ridge 734 077

Head up a ramp from Derrymore lough in a westerly direction onto the steep grassy side of the ridge running up to Cathair Conraoi. Zigzag steadily up the slope until you get up onto the ridge. Take it easy and enjoy the view back down the valley!

Ridge 734 077 to Cathair Conraoi (835m) 734 073

Follow the ridge in a south/south westerly direction until you get to the top of Cathair Conraoi. Looking west on a clear day you will see the peninsula of the Magharee's stretching out northwards to form Tralee bay and further on Brandon Mountain and Brandon point.
Cathair Conraoi 734 073 to Collspot height (706m) 742 074

Head south-easterly from the top of Cathair Conraoi onto a ridge which will take you down onto a flat col with a barely noticeable spot height (706m). On the ridge the ground falls away steeply on each side so take care! On the col note all the loose conglomerate stone (known as pudding stone for obvious reasons)

Cot 742 074 to Barr tri gCom 750 076

Head north-easterly onto rising stony ground leading up to the top of Barr tri gCom (851 m) You will find a number of small stone ring forts right at the very top!

Barr tri gCom 750 076 to Ridge 753 079

Now that you have reached the high point physically of the Munster MPC, hopefully you can stop to look around if it's clear. North is Tralee bay, south is Dingle bay. Having started the MPC virtually at sea level you can congratulate your self on a total height gain from the start of 850m.

Head North Easterly on a carefully taken bearing towards spot height 819m. BUT STOP on the collridge before it to look down into the Curraheen valley and Coumbrack lake.

Col/Ridge 753 079 to spot height (723m) 746 084

DO NOT HEAD ON TO SPOT HEIGHT 819m! Head back in a westerly direction and contour around to the north until you reach the spot height 723m and can look back down towards High camp and the Derrymore takes. In bad visibility take care! Derrymore Strand is north of you and you'll have a view of north Kerry and Clare ( loop head ) on a good day.

Spot height (723m) 746 084 to High camp/Derrymore lakes 740 080

Take it easy and climb down diagonally towards the largest lake in a south westerly direction. Have an exact bearing from the spot height to the east side of the take to follow. Be careful to avoid swinging westerly and losing height too rapidly as there are some steep loose stony patches in this area.

REMEMBER ACCIDENTS USUALLY HAPPEN ON DESCENTS, If visibility is bad cheek your bearings carefully, descend slowly watching your direction and the lie of the land, -pick up the river as a handrail feature back up to highcamp if necessary.

Once at High camp BE CERTAIN TO CHECK IN and then set yourselves up for the night

SUNDAY 14TH APRIL Instructions to finish:

On Sunday morning check out of High camp at your allocated time. Remember NO LITTER! if you bring it, pack it. NO BIG PLASTIC BAGS OF RUBBISH.

High camp/ Derrymore lakes 740 080 to Basecamp/Dingle way 745 104

Retrace the route of Saturday morning back down the Derrymore valley staying above the river on the west side.

Basecamp/Dingle way 745 104 to Derrymore Strand Carpark

Avoid the marshy ground west of base camp and get onto the Dingle way going westerly. Turn south down to the access gate as on Friday night. Follow the country code as you proceed. Get onto the lane which will take you down to the Dingle road and the carpark.


Once checked in you're free to make your way home, hope the weekend was good and challenging .....