7th - 9th MAY

All bearings are magnetic, magnetic variation is 8 degrees.
Scale of map is 1:126 720 ( 1/2" = 1 mile)

Friday 7th May - Getting to the start (R925 266)

Using the O.S. map No. 18 Tipperary 1/211 to 1 mile. Leave the' N24 (Cahir to Tipperary Road) at Bansha and take the road running Southwest, into the scenic Glen of Aherlow, to the village of Rossadrehid (R925 293). Take the road South from the village and as you enter the wood, turn right along a contouring forest road, take the second road left left past a barrier and keep going until you meet the parking site. Check in at the Car Park, the MPC staff will direct parking. All patrols will be inspected for correct equipment on arrival. No car/driver will be allowed to leave until all gear has been checked.


1. Start of walk: Edge of wood (R925 266) to mouth of Lake Muskry (R919 250)

From the car park you will be directed to-the starting point. Leave the wood crossing a stream, a rising rough track which levels out after a while takes you directly to the mouth of Lake Muskry (R919 250). The largest of the Galtee Lakes. formerly known as Lough Bel Sead, "Lake with. the jewel mouth".

2. Mouth of lake (R919 250) to Basecamp (R920 241)

Proceed left around the shore of the lake for ten minutes when you will encounter an MPC flag. Take a bearing of 1380 to the upper lake and the campsite (R920 241). Check in and receive a departure time for the next day. Find a comfortable site and get a good night's sleep. You'll need it!!!

Saturday 8th May - Cheek out at the allocated time

*(See Bad Weather Alternative Staff advised)

1. Base Camp (R920 241) to Greenane (R924 238) 2636ft

Depart from basecamp heading East around the base of the cliffs to a point beyond the cliffs (R934 255) identified by an MPC flag. From here take a bearing of 2050 and climb for 500ft until you reach the top of the spur. From here take a bearing for the summit (R924 238), identified with a triangulation pillar.
2. Greenane (R924 238) to O'Loughnanes Castle (R916 238)

From Greenane take a direct bearing to O'Loughnane's Castle, a rocky outcrop of glacial origin sculpted by forest shattering during the ice age. Use the shelter to have a rest and some grub.

3. O'Loughnane's Castle (R916 238) to Col (R897 240)

Take a bearing to the col at R897 240. Walking direct you should find yourselves contouring along the South side of the spur leading to the col. There are very dangerous cliffs on the north side of the spur, so be alert. The col is a maze of peat bogs.

* See Bad Weather Alternative B if advised

4. Col (R897 240) to Galtee Beg (R890 240)

Follow a direct bearing from the col to the base of Galtee Beg. The climb is not too demanding, but keep the group together as there is a narrow ridge on top with cliffs on the far side. Follow the ridge upwards to the cairn marking the summit. Galtee Beg summit is on the narrowest ridge of the Galtee walk. on a clear day you can see the Knockmealdown mountains to the south east, and the Glen of Aherlow below to the North.

5. Galtee Beg (R890 240) to Galtee Mor (R879 238) 3018ft

From Caltee Beg take a bearing of 2670 to the checkpoint on the col below Galtee Mor (R889 240). Follow the same bearing, avoiding the cliffs to the north, to the summit of Galtee Mor. This is the highest of the Galtee peaks and the 3rd highest mountain in Ireland. The summit is adorned with a large cross. A stop and a photo is a must on a clear day.

6. Galtee More (R879 238) to High Cainp (R873 253)

Follow a 2680 bearing for 200 ft until you meet a stone wall, the border between Co.'s Tipperary and Limerick. Continue along the right side of the wall until you meet an MPC flag at R860 242. A 300 bearing will bring you down the spur for 500ft to a checkpoint. A 900 bearing will bring you direct to the High Camp by the streams (R875 252).

Check in and receive your departure time for the next day.

Sunday 9th May 1993 - Check out at allocated time.

1. High Camp (R875 252) to Col (R895 250)

A leisurely stroll across open country with a slight climb up to the col below Galtee Beg. You may be able to see Lake Boreen to the South East on a clear day.
2. Col (895 250) to Glencoshabinna (R896 262)

Follow a direct bearing up to the ascent to the Glencashabinna summit (R896 262).

3. Glencoshabinna (R896 262) to Edge of Forest (R905 270)

Take a bearing of 600 from the summit, out along a spur. There will be an MPC flag at the end of a forest ride in a corner of the forestry boundary (905 270).

4. Edge of Forest (R905 270) to Car Park (R925 266)

Follow the forest ride and cross the stream at the end. There is a fence above the stream, contour with the fence until you meet an MPC flag. Cross the fence and meet the path which leads to the Car Park.

Please check in at the finish and return the number cards and any flags you may be carrying. Have a brew and some grub before leaving. Hope you enjoyed the event.

* Bad Weather Alternatives

You will be informed on the MPC whether or not these alternative routes will be used, if not please ignore.

a) This Replaces Stages 1 and 2 on Saturday's Route

Base Camp (R920 241) to O'Loughnanes Castle (R916 238)

Check out from base camp and take a back bearing to Lake Muskry. Continue right around the lake until you return to the track (R919 250). Follow a 2800 bearing for 600 yards (using your pacing), where there will be a marker flag. Take a 1640 bearing up the spur direct to OfLoughnanes Castle; a rocky outcrop of glacial origin.

b) This Replaces Stages 4 and 5 on Saturday's Route

Col (R897 240) to Galtee Mor (R879 238)

Follow a 2800 bearing to the beginning of the Galtee Beg ascent. Contour around to the left, maintaining the same height. Continue until you reach a series of peat hags (a maze of peat trenchs and walls). Proceed with care northwards to the check point at the top of the col between Galtee Beg and Galtee Mor (R889 240). Be careful to overshoot as there are serious cliffs on the northside of the col. From the check point take a bearing to the peak of Galtee Mor (R879 238). This is a very strenuous climb, so take your time and keep the group together.