3rd- 5th APRIL, 1992



All bearings are magnetic.

The scale of the Comeragh map is 1:15000, it

can be misleading so please use a-roamer card (home made) to work out
your route, card. Watch your distances!


(Using the East Cork Waterford half inch map.

Turn East at Melodys Pub in Ballymacarbery (S198 126) Approximately 10
miles from Clonmel on the main Clonmel- Dungravan Road. Follow Nire
River Road for 6 miles. The road passes the Nire church and continues
through a farm yard until it ends at a car park (S280 135) which is the
start of the route.

(From now all grid references refer to the 1:15000 scale map). Check in at the car park. All patrols will he inspected for correct equipment on arrival. Those not properly equipped will be sent home.

1. Start of Walk. Car park (S280 135) to Stream (ref. 053 345).

Leave the car park via the Nire Lakes track.
Follow the road east for approximately 0.5 Km. Then follow the path
sign posted for the Nire Lakes (about 30 m before the farm). Keep
the noise down as you pass by the farmhouse. At the end of this
path cross the gate and turn south to 'lie stream. Cross with care
at the check point.

2. Stream (ref. 053 345.1 to Sheep per, (ref. 052 341)

Follow South for 150m to where the next stream meets the S.E corner,
of the sheep pen ref. 053 341. Avoid making noise in the vicinity
of the sheep pen.

2. Sheep pen (ref. 053 341) to base camp (ref. 072 319)

Continue South to a wire fence and with the fence to your right
follow the stream south. After 25 minutes, the cliffs surrounding
the Spillogue Loughs will be seen. The ground rises steeply on
your right hand side and gradually to your left. Once you reach
the north end or the lower lough ref. 069 323, continue along the
edge to the base camp on flat ground at the S.E. end (ref. 072
Check in on arrival. You will be given a departure time for the
next day.


3. Base camp (ref. 072 319) to Mound (ref. 073 324).

Rise early have a good breakfast and fill your flask.
Check out at your assigned time. Follow the path from the lower
lough to the N.W. tip of the upper lough. Follow a 306* bearing to
the top of the mound and check in.

2. Mound top (ref. 076 324.1) to Cnoc no name (ref. 095 313).

check out after completing the exercise and continue on a bearing
of 10* for 400m. Turn south east at the flag, and continue on a
S.E bearing to avoid the steep cliffs on either side of the spur.
You will find the going ough here especially with all the gear you
are carrying, even so enjoy the view of the loughs on the way up.
The ground levels off nearer the top but there is still a short
distance to the high point (ref. 095 313). Take care not to over

3. Cnocnoname to Stream Junction (ref. 105 307)

Follow a bearing of 120* for 13 minutes until you reach the stream.
There will be a check point at the stream junction (ref. 105 307).

4. Stream Junction (ref. 105 307) to Spot height 790 (ref. 114 295).

Continue to the summit of spot height 790, try using the streams as
hand rail feature.
5. Spot height 790 (ref. 114 295) to Knockaunpeebra (ref. 102 781).

Descend from summit 1 to the S. W. spur and folI ow to the 725 m height
of Knockaunpeebra (ref. 102 281).

6. Knockaunpeebra (ref. 102 231) High Camp (ref. 088 285).

Descend to the stream bend at (ref. 090 280), staying clear of
the cliffs to the S.W. of Knockaupeebra. Follow the stream North
to the bend at ref' 089 285. The high camp area is approximately
100 m West of this point. On arriving check-in and pitch your tent
in a suitable sheltered spot on dry ground.

7. High camp (ref. 083 255) to, Mahon Falls (ref. 092 276

Check out from High camp. Follow the stream South on the right
hand side to the check point at, Mahon Falls (ref. 092 276). Take
great care as there are steep cliffs all around.

8. Mahon Falls (rof. 097 276) to High camp (ref. 088 285).

Retrace you stops in leg 6. Check in at High camp and have dinner.


3. High camp (ref. 068 285) to Worlds View summit (ref. 089 289).

Checkout at your allocated time from High camp. Try using the
streams as handrail features, walk directly to the Worlds View

summit (ref. 069 289). Watch Lime so you do not over shoot the top
and there are steep cliffs just west of the summit.

2. World's View Summit 745 (ref. 069 289) to Table mountain (ref. 074

Descend to the col at ref. 073 300. By now,you should see the
spectacular view of the 3 lakes of Couralocha and perhaps the
Knockmealdown and Galtee Mountains. Ascend to the final height in

the table mountain (ref. 074 307).

3. Table mountain (ref. 074 307) to Spur (ref. 055 322).

Proceed on a bearing of 306* down N.E. spur.. to the check point
at (ref. 055 322). Avoid the temptation to head directly in the
line of the finish is there are dangerous cliffs on the west and
the ground at the north gets very steep towards the bottom of the

4. Spur (ref. 055 525) to Shed (ref. 061 345).

Read N.E. to the stream. Cross here and proceed to the Shed at
ref. 061 345.

5. Shed (ref. 061 345) to finish (car park).

Cross the stream at the shed cheek point. Follow the stream west
until the Friday night crossing point (ref. 053 345). Retrace your
steps back to the car park. Closing -iites and respecting farmers

Cheek in at the car park. Have some grub, buy a tee shirt and when
you're all ready head home.
Leave no litter either on the mountain or in the car park. Take
all tins, bags and wrappers home with you.