Munster MPC 2011  -  The Comeragh Mountains

Route Description


The event will be held in the Comeragh Mountains to the South East of Clonmel.


The map for the event is the Discovery Series No.75.


Directions to Start / Finish


The Start is located in the Nire Valley. To approach it from Clonmel, cross the River Suir via the bridge at S193220 on the R668. After 400m turn right at the roundabout (194215) onto the R665 and then left after 700m at 187213 onto the R671 toward Youghal & Dungarvan. After approx 15km, turn left at the village of Ballymacarbry (198127). Drive along by the Nire River for approx 4.5km. Just before the bridge at 242141 turn off to the right. Now proceed to the car park at the end of the road at 276128. This car park will be the Start and Finish for the hike.




Park in the Car Park or on the wide grass margin on the approach road. Please do not obstruct any gateways or entrances. Use parking spaces economically as this is a popular starting point for walkers at weekends.


Friday Nights Route


Check-in / Start at 276128. Before you are allowed to start, your clothing, footwear, equipment and knowledge of the route will be checked.


  1. 1.From the Car Park (276128), pass through the gateway and along the road toward the farmhouse at 281125. On route, pass through a gate which must be carefully closed. 

  2. 2.Just before the farmhouse at 281125, take a rough track to the left, signposted “Nire Lakes”. After 50m, this joins a farm road which you should follow uphill to a gateway at 283124. Please be quiet as you pass the farmhouse. 

  3. 3.Go through the gate, closing it carefully. Follow the vehicle tracks straight on for approx 150m and then steeply downhill to a river-crossing at 284124. 

  4. 4.Cross the river at the point indicated. 

  5. 5.Once across, follow the river upstream, using the electric fence on your left as a handrail feature until you come to a new sheep-wire fence at 290126. Cross this fence using the stile provided. 

  6. 6.Continue to follow the sheep-wire fence and river uphill until you reach a fence corner at 299123. Here, the fence turns sharply southwest. Cross the fence only at the stile which will be marked with a flashing light. 

  7. 7.Follow the indicated route to the campsite nearby at 300123 in Coumlara. Check in and set up camp. 




Saturday Route


  1. 1)Campsite to Spot Height 792 (317105). 


    1. a)From the Campsite at 300123, follow a fence to the high point on the shoulder at 297121. This point will be flagged. 

    2. b)Ascend the shoulder uphill to the indistinct first Spot Height 750. Do not waste too much time looking for its exact location. 

    3. c)Proceed to the equally indistinct Spot Height 751. In poor visibility, follow a bearing along this broad top. Find the Checkpoint. 

    4. d)From SH 751, go to the top of the gully at 314118. If the visibility is good, take time to admire the magnificent views of Coum Iarthar below you. 

    5. e)From the top of the gully at 314118, follow a bearing to reach the cliff edge at 321114. On the way you will cross the Iske Sullas stream which is a good place to replenish your water. 

    6. f)Once you have reached the edge of the cliff at 321114 overlooking Coumshingaun, follow the cliff edge to the high point at 321107. Again enjoy the views. 

    7. g)From the high point on the Coumshingaun cliff edge at 321107, make your way to the summit cairn of Spot Height 792 (317105). 


  1. 2)Spot Height 792 (317105) to Spot Height 744 (295098). 


    1. a)From the summit cairn of Spot Height 792, carefully follow a bearing down to Spot Height 726 Knockaunapeebra (312096). 

    2. b)From Knockaunapeebra (312096), proceed downhill to the river bend at 307096. Cross at the point indicated. 

    3. c)Ascend to Spot Height 744 (295098). 


  1. 3)Spot Height 744 (295098) to Campsite 288098. 


    1. a)From the Spot Height 744 (295098), move to the cliff edge overlooking Coumalocha and follow it to the top of the deep gully at 291093. 

    2. b)Follow the cliff edge to Spot Height 711 (281095). Again, take time to admire the views. 

    3. c)From the top, follow the cliff edge, first West and then North West and down to a point at 275102. This point will be flagged. Take care not to drift too far to the west away from the cliff edge. 

    4. d)From this point, take an easy route down to the stream at 277103 by following a spur shown on the map. 

    5. e)Cross the stream at 277103 and contour around the grassy knoll and down to the marshy source of the stream at 282101.  

    6. f)From here, follow a bearing uphill toward the exit from Lake 498 at 286100. 

    7. g)Follow the western shore of the lake to the Campsite at 288098 between the two lakes. Check in and camp where directed. 


Sunday Route


  1. 1)Check out and proceed to the exit of the lake at 286100. Cross the stream and ascend the nearby knoll at 286101. 

  2. 2)From here proceed to a point on the shoulder at 284112 just below the rocky steps. 

  3. 3)By now you will have come across an obvious quad-bike track. Follow it down the shoulder until you reach the gateway at 275120. If the gate is closed, please close it after you. Proceed down the rough roadway. 

  4. 4)At the farm ruin, pass through another gate. Open and close, as appropriate. 

  5. 5)Follow the roadway to the Bridge at 272125 and up to join the public road at 272130. 

  6. 6)Go through the gate, opening and closing it as appropriate. 

  7. 7)A short walk uphill takes you back to the Car Park at 278128. Check in.