Mountain Pursuit Challenge – Munster 2008





This year’s Munster MPC will take place in the eastern Knockmealdown Mountains. It takes in most of the major peaks in the range. The ridge forms part of the boundary between counties Waterford and Tipperary. At 794 metres high Knockmealdown itself is the highest peak in Co. Waterford and the 45th highest in Ireland.

The route is on OS map sheet no.74.

Please be careful not to litter the route in any way over the weekend.




From the centre of Clogheen (S003 137) take the R669 toward Lismore, Cappoquin and The Vee. After 600metres, having passed the hospital on your right, turn left onto the road to Goat’s Bridge ( Goatenbridge, 087 136) on the Clogheen to Newcastle road. After passing the 50km/h sign in Goat’s Bridge take a sharp turn to the right (be careful not to take another sharp right turn just before the 50km/h sign) and head South along a  road which is signposted for the Liam Lynch Monument. As this is a narrow, twisty road, be careful of oncoming traffic. Check-in is at the end of the public road, 080 121. Check-in is between 20.00 and 22.30. Please let us know if you will be late.


The contact number for the weekend is Liam Fitzgerald 086-2589291 or John Maguire 087-2366939 or Ian McGuire 087-9917873.


After checking in follow the forest road in an easterly direction. At 094 116 the road swings around to the west. Keep right at junction at 087 115. Keep left at junction at   086 114. Keep right at junction at 087 109. Take the grassy track to the left where the road turns at 094 091. Go through the timber gate, closing it after you and continue to base camp at 094 090.




Note: Don’t do your wash-up in the stream as it will pollute the water. Take what water you need for your wash-up away from the stream and do your wash-up where it won’t impact on the stream.  Be careful with plastic bags that they don’t blow away if it is windy and put all litter including food left-overs, cartons and sweet wrappers in your litter bags. Your site will be inspected before you leave. Also stock up with enough water for today as there will not be opportunities to get water along the route. If you think you are likely to be moving slowing try to be among the first to check out, as this will give you more time to complete the route. Enjoy the day.


Base Camp to col/wall (101 088)

From Base Camp proceed uphill to the col/wall at 101 088.


Col/wall to Knockmeal (102 084)

Ascend over grassy ground to Knockmeal.


Knockmeal to Knocknafallia (091 075)

Descend in a southwesterly direction along a wall from Knockmeal to the col. Leave the ditch and proceed to the broad summit of Knocknafallia and enjoy the views. From the top you may be able to see Mount Melleray Scout Centre to the south.


Knocknafallia to acute wall bend (086 086)

From Knocknafallia descend to the col and on to the acute wall bend at (086 086)


Acute wall bend to Knocknagnauv SH 655 (081 083)

Proceed along the wall to SH 655.


SH 655 to Knockmealdown (058 084)

Continue along track to col and then ascend along the wall to the highest peak of this MPC, Knockmealdown.


Knockmealdown to col (056 087)

Proceed along track to col at 056 087.


Col to Knoll (054 091)

Follow track to knoll 054 091.


Knoll to SH 768 (058 093)

Continue to SH 768.


SH 768 to top of spur (060 088)

In poor visibility take a bearing and pace to top of spur 060 088.


Top of spur to High Camp (064 086)

Descend south into the valley at 060 866 and follow it down to the High Camp at the lakes.




Note: Observe the same ‘leave no trace’ procedures as listed for Base Camp.

          Your site will be inspected before you are checked out.


High Camp to start of path (066 087)

Keeping to the left of the stream locate the path at 066 087.


Start of path to edge of wood ( 068 089)

Follow path to edge of wood at 068 089




Edge of wood to road bridge ( 069 089)

Descend through the gap in the woods to road bridge. This part of the road is not shown on the map.


Road bridge to road track junction ( 075 099)

Proceed along the road, linking up with the start of the marked road on the map at 072 090 and continue on to the road track junction at 075 099.


Road Track Junction to Road (078 111)

Veer left onto the grassy overgrown track and continue down to road at 078 111.


Road to Finish (080 121)

Follow road to the finish.



Congratulations. You have completed the Munster MPC for 2008 and you have earned your badge. Wear it with pride.

MPC T-shirts will be on sale at the finish  at a cost of €10 each.


See you at the next MPC.

Safe home.