Leinster MPC
Glenmalure, Lugnaquilla - May 16/17/18th

Important Note: - Part of Saturdays route follows the border of the Glen of Immal Artillery Range. None of the route actually enters the Range. At no stage should any group cross the border into the range.

Friday Route Outline

Car Park - Wicklow Way - Base Camp

Start 1 Car Park (081928)

The start is at the small carpark located mid way up the Glenmalure valley. Be careful in the vicinity of the car park as it is located just over the brow of a hill. More extensive parking is available in the area, please follow the directions of staff. Teams will be checked in between 8 and 10pm. Teams must check in and out before departing for base camp.

Bring a supply of water with you on Friday as there is limited water in the vicinity of Base Camp.

Car Park (081928) to Wicklow Way (085 927) After checking out follow the forest path on the east edge of the car park. This path climbs and zig zags its way uphill to join the Wicklow Way. Take your time on the first ascent of the evening.

Wicklow Way (085 927) to Base Camp (082 941) Continue to follow the Wick-low Way/Forest Tracks as they zig zag and climb slowly uphill. This section requires some careful navigation as there are some path junctions to along the way. Don't just follow a team in front - or assume that some one else is looking at the map.

Base Camp (082 941) Base Camp is along the forest track at 082 941) - not the most comfortable spot for a base camp - but ideally located for tackling the Lugduff ridge. Don't forget to cheek in on arrival and get your head down early for a good nights sleep.

Saturday Route Outline

LugDuff - Three Lakes - Table - Camenabologue -Cannow - Lugnaquilla

Rise and have a good break-fast. Then break camp and re-pack you haversacks - this will be a full pack hike in the traditional MPC style. When you are ready to leave base camp, a member of staff will check your site. Patrols will be given a departure time on Friday Night.

Base Camp (082 941) to LugDulT (072 954) Follow the edge of the forest and rough track up onto the shoulder of LugDuff. Then turn north west to LugDuff.

LugDuff (072 954) to Spot Height 702 (044 980) Follow the broad LugDuff ridge all the way to the Spot Height 702, the ridge is rough walking in parts and there are some faint tracks which will make walking easier if you pick up on one. Navigate to 702 carefully in bad visibility as it is easy to overshoot, or even drift too for to the North or South. 'Me Spot Height of 702 is nothing more than a collection of peat hags floating on some liquid bog. Be prepared for some bog trotting in this area.

Spot Height 702 (044 980) to Three Lakes (032 982) Swing West from 702 and head for the Three Lakes (of which there are only two). Careful compass bearings will be required here in bad visibility.
Three Lakes (032 982) to Table Track (021967) From the Three Lakes, head North West until you reach the Table Track - this track rises up from the floor of Glemnalure and drops off into the Glen of Immal. You have now reached the border of the Glen of Immal firing range.

Table Track (021967) to Camenabologue (023 959) Turn in a southerly direction and climb to the summit of Camenabologue. There is a small summit cairn at the northern edge of the summit plateau. The name Camenabologue is possibly derived from Ceirn na Bologue, or Pass of the Bullocks, possibly the Table Track was part of an old cattle rustlers trail.

Camenabologue (023 959) to Spot Height 712 (032 939) Continue in a South Easterly direction across the summit plateau to the plateau edge, from here descend to the spot height 626 (028 951) in the col. The col area has many complex contours and plenty of liquid bog, it also borders the artillery range to the west. Great care must be taken in this area especially if the weather is bad. From 626 continue South Easterly climbing up the rocky spur onto 712.

Spot Height 712 (032 939) to Lugnaquilla (032 918) Climb slowly onto the ridge which runs from Cannow Mountain to Lugnaquilla. Be careful on the ascent not to drift onto the steep ground to the east of your bearing. Aim for (030 928). Once on the ridge follow to the eastern edge of the summit plateau. Aim for (035 921). Turn at the summit plateau and head north west to the large summit cairn which marks Leinster's highest mountain. Near the summit cairn is a smaller trig point which has a brass direction finder for all of the landmarks visible (on a clear day) from Lug. Don't cut corners on the ascent as there are extremely steep cliffs on three sides of Lugnaquilla.

Lugnaquilla (032 918) to Spot Height 712 (032 939) Retrace your steps and bearings to (035 92 1) and then to (030 928) before descending to the Spot Height 712. Remember that most accidents happen on the descent.

Spot Height 712 (032 939) to High Camp (044 931) Descend south easterly into the upper Fraughan Rock Glenn to high camp near the stream junctions at (044 931). The Fraughan Rock Glen is a perfect example of a glaciated hanging valley, with the upper valley hanging almost 200m above the floor of the lower valley. Don't forget to check in on arrival

Sunday Route Outline

High Camp - Baravore - Car Park

High Camp (044 931) to Youth Hostel at (061945) After breaking camp and a site inspection, check out and follow the stream down into the lower Fraughan Rock Glenn. This is a steep descent so take your time. At the bottom of the descent, cross on to the North side of the stream and into the forest to locate a forest track just inside the forest edge. Follow this forest track out to (058 944) where it is first marked on the map. Follow the track around to the youth hostel at (061945).

Youth Hostel at (061945) to Car Park (081928) Follow the road from the youth hostel for 2.2km until you reach the car park and the finish. Be careful as you are now back on public roads.

Don't forget to check out at the finish.

Well Done!!