LEINSTER MPC MAY 10/11/12 1996







The start is at the highest point (470m) on the Wicklow Gap road and can be approached from the East or the West.

From the East, travel to Laragh via Roundwood or Rathdrum and from Laragh take the R756 for about 6.5 miles to start.

From the West, leave the N81 near Hollywood village (934 054) and follow the R756 for about 11 miles to start.

Please arrive between 8pm and 10 pm. If you arrive early do not leave until you have been checked in.


After cheek in, follow the private road (closed to traffic) which climbs in a southerly direction towards Turlough Hill Reservoir. This is part of the ESB's Pumped Storage Scheme, the only one of its kind in Ireland. At times of peak demand for electricity, water is released from the reservoir into pipes running through the mountain to a power station located underground. The water is collected in Lough Nahangan and at times of low demand (night time) the water is pumped back through the pipes ready for use next day.

Ignore the left turn near the top of the road and continue on to Spot Height 681 m at 063 982, which is marked by a concrete hut.

From here proceed in a southerly direction down into the Glenealo Valley. Base camp will be on the banks of the Glenealo River at 064 968. Be sure to check in before settling down for the night.

After breakfast, pack your gear and tidy the site-LEAVE NO LITTER

Base camp to Saddle at 059 966

This is the steepest climb of the day so take your time. The Glenealo Valley is part of the Wicklow National Park and home to several herds of deerthe original red deer sika deer and hybrids of the two. You will also see the cliffs above Glendalough (Gleann da Loch-Glen of two lakes) although the lakes themselves will remain hidden from view. This is a fine example of glacial action as the retreating glacier scooped out a huge trough thus forming the lakes.

Saddle at 059 964 to Spot Height 633m at 052 972

The saddle is on the Lugduff ridge that separates Glendalough and Glenmalure. To the south lie the cliffs of Ben Leagh and Arts Lough. To the south west is Lugnaquilla the highest mountain in Wicklow/Leinster.Follow the ridge in a north westerly direction through an area of peat hags to Spot Height 633m

Spot Height 633m to Spot Height 702m at 043 980

Continue to follow the ridge in a north westerly direction over gently rising ground covered in heather. Spot Height 702m to Conavalla at 039 972 Turn in a south westerly direction to Convalla. This area has been badly eroded and much of it is covered with semi-liquid peat- so beware! The terrain changes as you near Conavalla which is covered with rocks. Conavalla to Three Lakes at 032 982 Descend in a north westerly direction to Three Lakes. The map is not wrong because there are only two lakes there! The area to the south of the lakes is very wet so don't go too close.

Three Lakes to Arts Cross at 038 991

This takes you across some very broken ground so be careful and keep a close eye on map and compass. The cross commemorates Art O'Neill who died near here in the winter of 1592 following his escape from Dublin Castle as he made his way to join the O'Byrne Clan in Glenmalure.

Arts Cross to Lough Firrib at 049 988

Continue over more broken ground to Lough Firrib, a tiny lake set in undulating moorland that is far from easy to find.

Lough Firrib to Spot Height 599m (043 999)
From Lough Firrib you should be able to see the ramparts of Turlough Hill reservoir
and, across the Wicklow Gap, the great backbone of Tonlegee (Toin le Gaoth - Backside to the
Wind). Head down hill in a north westerly direction to Spot Height 599m

Spot Height 599m to High Camp at 036 996 Descend to the valley of the Glenreemore brook- remember that most accidents happen on descents. Some older maps show a lake here If you can't see it, don't worry because it doesn't exist! Check in on arrival and prepare for the night.


Pack your gear and leave High Camp when your site has been inspected. Remember that all litter must be taken away.

High Camp to River Bank at 033 998
Follow the river bank down stream to point 033 998

River bank to Forest Edge at 032 005

Traverse across the Oakwood spur in a northerly direction until you reach the edge of the forest.

Forest Edge to Forest Corner at 040 009

Travel along by the forest edge to point 040 009. Contrary to what may appear on the map, there is a wide break in the forest here

Forest corner to Kings River at 046 016

Proceed downhill through some boggy ground and under the ESB pylons until you reach the Kings River.

Kings River to New Forest Entrance at 046 019

Cross the river and follow the flags which will guide you through an a very overgrown forest fire break that leads to the Wicklow Gap road. The finish is at a new forest entrance that is not marked on the map.