Leinster MPC 1995 - Glenmalur, Lugnaquilla - May 5/6/7th

Important Note - Part of Saturdays route follows the border of the Glen of Immal Artillery Range. None of the route actually enters the Range. At no stage should any group cross the border into the range

Route Outline - Friday 5th May - Glenmalur Carpark - Base Camp

Start 1 Carpark 066 941

The start is at the carpark at the road/river ford at the north west end of Glenmalur. Teams will be checked in/out in the car park between 8 and 10pm. Teams must check in out before departing for base camp.

Carpark 066 941 to Track Junction 046 953

After checking out, cross the river at the footbridge just upstream from the carpark, and follow the forest track in a north-easterly direction for about 2.5 kilometers This is a long slow climb with the Avonbeg river on your right hand side. Follow the track until you reach a T junction (marked as a sharp bend on the map).

Track Junction 046 953 to Forest Edge 036 963 Take the right hand track at the junction and continue upwards in a north westerly direction along the track for another 1. 5 kilometers until you emerge from the top edge of the forest.

Forest Edge 036 963 to Base Camp 035 963

Continue straight uphill on the old track, crossing a small stream, until the old track is crossed by the new (unmarked on the map) forest road (about 150m) . At this junction, switch to the new forest road and follow it north to the forest edge/ stream (about 150m). Base camp is on the south bank of this stream just above this road. Be sure to cheek into base camp immediately onarrival. Try not to pitch tents too close to the river.

Tracks 'throughout the route on Friday night, the old forest track which we are following is cris crossed by new forestry roads which are not marked on the map, be careful not to mix these up. Bridges: On the old track there are two old wooden bridges crossing streams which are marked on the map. Be careful where you place your feet when crossing these bridges. Artillery Range: Just beyond the youth hostel at the forest entrance there is a warning notice for the Glen of Immal Artillery Range. This does not mean that you are Crossing the range border, the border is marked correctly on the map at the top of this valley. At no stage on Friday or Saturday does the route require entry to Mlitary Lands. Distance: Fridays walk-in is longer than some MPC's, but is quite easy walking on good tracks, be prepared for a long walk and pace yourself Alternative: If the weather is very bad you will be directed to a alternative campsite in the forest at 043 956.
Route Outline - Saturday 6th May - Base Camp - Lugnaquilla - Kellys Lough

Rise and have a good breakfast. When you are ready to leave base camp, a member of staff will check your site. Patrols will be given a departure time between 9 and 11 am. Please check your departure time on Saturday morning and be ready to go on time.

Base Camp 035 963 to Range Border 021967

After checking out of base camp, backtrack along the new forest road to where you left the old forest track on Friday night. Follow the old track uphill to the border of the artillery range. The track gets very faint close to the top, so use pacing and timing if visibility is bad.

Range Border 021967 to Camenabologue 023 961

Turn in a southerly direction and climb to the summit of Camenabologue (758). There
is a small summit cairn at the northern edge of the summit plateau The name
Camenabologue is possibly derived from Ceim, na, bologue or the pass of the
bullocks, possibly part of an old cattle rustlers trail.

Camenabologue 023 961 to Pleateau Edge 027 957

Head South East along the summit plateau to reach a marker flag at the southern plateau edge.

Plateau Edge 027 957 to Colt 028 949

From the marker flag at the plateau edge, descend southerly into the col. There will be a checkpoint in the col at 028 949. The col area has many complex contours and plenty of liquid bog, it also borders the artillery range on its west side, great care must be taken in this section especially if the weather is bad.

Colt 028 949 to Spur/Rock Outcrop 032 944

Proceed South East until you reach a marker flag at a rocky outcrop.

Spur/Rock Outcrop 032 944 to (712)Spot Reigth 032 939 Ascend the spur to the spot height (712). [ Not marked on preliminary edition wicklow 56 maps].

(712) Spot Height to Ridge 030 928

Climb slowly onto the ridge which runs from Cannow Mountain to Lugnaquilla until you reach a checkpoint at 030 928. Be careful on the ascent not to drift onto steep ground to the east of your bearing.

Ridge 030 928 to Summit Pleateau 035 921

Carefully follow your bearing to the eastern edge of the lug summit plateau until you reach a marker flag at 03 5 92 1. Don't try and cut corners on the ascent as there are extremely steep cliffs on three sides of Lugnaquilla. In bad visibility, try and stay in the centre of the broad ridge,
Summit Pleateau 035 921 to Summit Cairn 032 917
Carefully follow your bearing to the large summit cairn which marks Leinster's
highest mountain. Also near the summit cairn is a brass plate which gives directions to
all of the landmarks visible around lug. Lugnaquilla may be derived from Log na Coille
or Hollow of the Grouse.
Summit Cairn 032 917 to Summit Pleateau 035 921
Carefully follow your bearing back to the marker flag at the summit plateau
Summit Pleateau 035 921 to Marker Flag 045 918
Carefully follow a bearing down the broad ridge eastwards off lug, until you reach a
marker flag / small cairn on the ridge. If visibility is bad, use pacing and timing here.
Marker Flag 045 918 to High Camp 059 909
From the marker flag follow a bearing to the start of the Carrawaystick brook at 056
912. Follow the brook down into the valley, this is a steep descent so thread carefully,
and slowly. Follow the brook until you reach a marker flag on the river bend at 055
912. From here take a bearing to Kellys lough High Camp is on the North Eastern
side of the lough.
Be sure to cheek in on arrival.
Route Outline - Sunday 7th May - Kellys Lough - Carrawaystrick Zig Zags
High Camp 059 909 to River Junction 061911
Carefully follow the exit stream from the lough, down to the junction with
Carrawaystick brook at 061911, cross here to the northern side of the brook.
River Junction 061911 to Zig Zag top 080 920
Follow the river for about 1.5 km before leaving it on a bearing for the top of the
Carrawaystick Zig Zags at 080 920. The Zig Zag path is an old miners track and traces
of the old buildings and spoil heaps still remain.
Zig Zag top 080 920 to Road 088 921
Carefully descend the miners track (be thankful that you don't have to carry a load of
lead laden rocks). At the bottom of the Zig Zags avoid the cottage in the trees by
crossing a fence at the marked stile and using the footbridge on the side of the field.
Cross the Avonbeg river and onto the tarmac road. This will be the final checkpoint so
be sure to check in one last time. This is the end of the route, but not the end of the
Road 088 921 to Car Park 066 941
There is a long road walk back to the car park, and groups may wish to arrange lifts at
the finish rather than walk the Atn back to the cars. However the road is narrow here
and to avoid blocking access for locals, is is suggested that group pick ups be done in
the car park at 080 930, or other places off the road. DO NOT BLOCK ACCESS AT
Well done