Note: Any bearings mentioned already have 10* added.


Check in at the car park beside the upper Glendalough Lake (ref 112964). After all Patrols have checked in they will be checked for proper equipment.

(1) Start of Walk. Car park (ref 112964) to Ruins (ref 091962).

Leave the car park via the miners track. This good track runs parallel to the lake, continue along the path for about 2km to the ruins leaving the lake behind you. There will be a checkpoint here.

(2) Ruin (ref 091962) to track end (ref 081962).

Continue up the zig zag track with the ground rising steeply before you, please take your time and rest on your way up. On your right there is a sheer wall over 40Oft, ideal for rock climbing. As you reach the track end the ground will .have levelled out a bit. Keep the river on your left-hand side. Continue over the wet ground towards the old slag heaps left from the old mining works.

(3) With the river on your left follow the small track to the base camp. You will meet a river junction ref 075963, the base camp is quiet near-by on dry ground at ref 073964. Check in on arrival. You will be given a departure time for the next day.


(1) Rise early and have a good breakfast, fill your flask and water container. Plan to have your lunch at any of the checkpoints or bases. After completing your navigational exercise, depart to the river junction at grid ref. 067966. This will be marked by a flag. The going is easy but it may be wet - so take care.

(2) From this river junction, continue along the right hand side of the river gaining height as you head up the valley. Your destination is the next river junction (ref 056973). There will be a base approximately half way along this route. If possible pay attention to the mountains on your left as this is the route you will be walking back. There will be a checkpoint at this junction.

(3) From this river junction you will climb to the peat hags (ref 052971). This will be your first taste of navigation on rough ground. Continue past the river junction for about Smins. on a bearing of 280 degrees and then turn onto a bearing of
Smins. on a bearing of 280 degrees and then turn onto a bearing of 220 degrees for about 13mins and you will start to climb. This procedure is known as a "dog-leg". Gain the steep ground leaving behind you the safety of the valley. You may notice the change in the weather. There will be another checkpoint here.

(4) Peat hag (052971) to col or saddle (ref 058966).

Take care here as the ground is broken and it is easy to wander down towards the Glenmalure Valley or back into the Glendalough valley in bad weather. On reaching the low-point of the saddle you start to climb to the first of the false tops of Lugduff Ridge (062963). Continue on this ridge, gaining height slowly to the next checkpoint on the false top at 064959. Make sure the Patrol stays together.

(5) Leaving here, there is a walk of about 1km to the summit of Lugduff (ref.072954), marked by a small rock pile. Again there will be a checkpoint here. Leave Lugduff and follow the wide ridge down to Prezen rock (080950). You will lose height slowly. The summit of Prezen rock is not easily recognised in bad weather but there is often a reasonable sized pond nearby. We will have the summit marked.

(6) Prezen rock to High Camp (085941).

From Prezen rock take a bearing to the edge of the forest at 085941. You will cross over the ridge and descend to the shelter of the forest. You may get a good view of tomorrow's hike if the weather is good. On arrival at the forest, check-in and then, pitch your tents and have something to eat.


(1) High Camp to Mullacor also called Mullaghmor (092939)

Check-out and leave high-camp heading initially to the Wicklow Way track at 087943. Once on this track, which is very badly eroded follow it up to the summit of Mullacor. This is a reasonably steep climb. There will be a checkpoint on the summit. From the summit, descend to the corner of the fence on Slayfonn at 106939. Keep to the middle of the ridge when descending. On reaching the fence, cross it and travel across open, heather-covered ground to the start of the Derrybawn ridge at 113942.

(2) Derrybawn ridge

This is one of the best ridge walks in the country. If the weather is good, you will have excellent views from here. Travel along this ridge, which has a few false tops, for about 1.5km until you reach the summit at 119954. There will be a checkpoint here.
(3) Homeward bound!

Depart from the summit to the forest corner at 114957. Take care heading downhill, as there are many rocks and holes hidden under the heather and you will be tired.

once at the corner descend through the forest along a rough, but well-used track which is marked on your map on a bearing of 282 degrees. You will cross a large forest road but continue down through the trees until you meet a second forest road at 112957. Turn left down this track and you will cross a bridge at 111956. This trail is well marked and signposted back to the carpark at 112964.

(4) Check-in on arrival, change your clothes and boots and have a brew. You can depart for home when ready.