Leinster MPC 9th - 11th May 2008, Cooley Mountains, Co. Louth

Map in use is the Ordnance Survey sheet 36. Scale 1:50000

The Cooley Mountains in Co. Louth must be one of the most understated scenic places in Ireland. Offering spectacular views to the Mourne Mountains and Carlingford Lough to the North. Isle of Mann to the North East and even the Dublin/Wicklow Mountains to the South.

Friday: Teams should assemble at Ravensdale Post Office (089 131). As the Route will be finishing in Carlingford, early arrivals may drop their cars to Carlingford and car-share back to Ravensdale.  From the Post office, take the road at (089 132). At the Y junction, take the right-hand fork and continue straight ahead until reaching the U bend in the road at (094 135).
Cross the old concrete footbridge, continue up the track and through the gate which gives access to the hills. The campsite for the night is at the fork in the river at 098 139.

Saturday: Once checked out, teams leave base camp and head towards Ben Rock Mountain (094 149). From the summit, following a bearing onto Clermont Cairn (099 158). From here, continue along the ridge via the spot height at (105 155), another at (106 148) and continue to the cairn at (114 138).

Now descend to the spot height at (121 137). Continue your descent to the Windy Gap (also known as "Long Woman's Grace"). Aim to arrive at Windy Gap via track at (128 141). This is about the halfway point for the day and makes an ideal place for lunch.

Proceed to the spot height 392 at (137 140) and then on to the Foxes Rock (140 130). Follow the gradual descent to Raven's Rock at (149 132). From here descend to the White Bog where the campsite is situated at (154 128)

Sunday: Tidy up your campsite and get checked out. Head to the col at (160 130). Turn onto the ridge and follow it in a south-easterly direction to the spot height (579m) and on to the summit of Slieve Foye (169 170) which is marked by a triangulation station. Descend to the cot (175 107) between Slieve Foye and Barnavave. From here follow the way-marked trail called the Tain Trail down into the village of Carlingford. Meet in the Church and we will arrange to have drivers ferried back to their cars from here.

Well done - we hope you enjoyed your MPC adventure.

Please Drive Safely to and from the Event and pre-check your car for tyres and brakes and the like. Also insist that the scouts use seatbelts where provided. Remember a loaded Vehicle take longer to stop.