Mountain Pursuit Challenge - Leinster 2007



The route for this year's Leinster MPC takes us to Lugnaquillia, the highest mountain in Wicklow and the highest mountain in Ireland outside of Kerry. It involves a circuit of the OwValley, starting and finishing at Aghavannagh in South Wicklow.  Rolling granite hills, lonely valleys and confusing coniferous forests create a classic "Wicklow" feeling.


As the route spans two OS maps (Sheets 56 and 62),  we are using the Army 1 :50000 map of the Glen of Immal which shows the entire route. However, as this does not show the forest tracks for Sunday's walk, it may be worth picking up a copy of the 1:25000 "Glendalough/Glenmalure Orienteering Map" available in many outdoor shops.



FRIDAY 11  May

The Check-in is at the forest entrance at Aghavannagh Bridge at T 056 861.  Note: Not to be confused with another Aghavannagh Bridge at T 064 862).


Check-in will be open from 20:00 to 22:30.  Please let us know if you'll be late.


Contact Number for the Weekend Paul Barron 087 2440118 or John Barron 085 7341916


From check-in follow the forest track in a northerly direction and keep to the left at the track junction at T 055 868. Continue on the track for about 2.5 Kms. to 042 889 (The track extends further than shown on the Army map).  Cross the river and check in at basecamp. (042 889).




Note: Route does not cross any streams so make sure you stock up with enough water for the day before leaving Base Camp.


Base Camp to river junction (037 897)

From base camp, proceed along the banks of the Ow River upstream to the river junction at 037 897.


River junction to Lybagh (025 897)

Turn left here and follow the un-named river up to the ridge between Aghavannagh and Lybagh before turning north west to reach Lybagh. The height gain to the top of  Lybagh is almost 350m making it the biggest climb of  the day.


Lybagh (025 897) to Slievemann (018 908)

From Lybagh the ridge continues in a North Westerly direction to the summit of Slievemann at 759m.


Slievemann to Col (021 912) to Lugnaquillia 925m (032 918).

Make a short decent from Slievemann to the broad boggy col (021 912).  The steep slopes of Lugnaquillia lie above. It looks a long way up to the top but the height gain is about 220m, thats less than the climb out of base camp. If Lugnaquillia is shrouded in mist (as it often is) very accurate navigation will be necessary to find the summit cairn.


Lugnaquillia to Clohernagh 800m (057  919)

From Lugnaquillia  decend in a north easterly  direction. Keep the  south prison on your right. Walk along this edge until it turns to the right after 300m. From there continue in an easterly direction to Cloghernagh at 057  919.


Clohernagh to Kelly's Lough(057 910)

Descend in a  southerly direction to  high camp on the northern shore of the lake.



This is part of a Special Area of Conservation so special care is required to protect the environment.


As usual on MPCs, all rubbish must be removed.  When washing pots or yourself, please do so DOWNSTREAM so it will not dirty the water supply for cooking /drinking.  Do not empty rice, pasta or other food into the river – you’ll have to pick it up again!


Please take special care when  "spending a penny" to do so well away from the camp site and any streams. Bring a small trowel per patrol to bury your excrement



SUNDAY  13 May


Kellys Lough to near Spot Height 630m (052 898)

From High Camp, walk to the south eastern corner of the lake and from there follow the fence that climbs up on to the ridge between Carrawaystick and Corrigasleggaun.  ( Note: The track shown on the Army map running across the ridge does not exist).  Follow the fence as the ground levels out and then begins to descend by the side of forestry. Continue to follow the fence until you reach the centre of the ridge at 053 897 just a few metres to the south of spot height 630m (Note : This area in NOT under forest as depicted on the Army map).


053 897 to  forest corner (059 888)

Cross the fence and walk in a South Easterly direction. Again this area is NOT under forest but you soon cross a forest track running from your left to right (it’s not on map either!) and enter an area which has forestry to your left and right. Continue to the corner of the forestry at 059 888.


Forest corner to forest corner (058 886)

At this point, you are on the open side of a roughly square area of ground that is surrounded by forestry on three sides. Walk diagonally across this square to the south western corner of the square at 058 886.


058 886 to 060 884

There is a narrow gap/ fire break between the trees at 059 886 which you follow in a SE direction for about 200 metres into what looks like a dead end.


060 884 to forest track at 057  882

From the "dead end" turn right onto an overgrown grass track/ fire break that drops steeply through the forest for about 400 metres until you reach a wide forest road at 057 882 ( Not shown on Army map)


Forest track to track junction at 060 880

Turn left and walk downhill to a track junction at 060 880 (Junction not on Army map)


Track junction (060 880) to track junction (054 880)

Turn right and walk downhill to track junction at 054 880 (This junction is on Army map).


Track junction (054 880) to track junction (061 874)

Continue to walk downhill to track junction at 061 874.  From here, you should see the car park!


Track junction (061 874) to forest entrance at 056 861.

Turn right and walk steadily downhill for about 1.75 Km to reach the forest entrance.



Well done – hope you enjoyed the event and look forward to seeing you on the next MPC.  MPC t-shirts will be available for purchase - €10 each.