25TH - 27TH April 2003

The map in use is sheet 68 of the Discovery Series.

Scale: 1:50,000

Magnetic Variation: 8 degrees


Mount Leinster and the Blackstairs are a ridge of rounded granite peaks lying between the beautiful Barrow Valley and the rich lowlands of Wexford, a halfway stop between the Wicklow Mountains and the sandstone ranges of the South East, Comeraghs, Galtees and Knockmealdowns. They suffer from undeserved neglect just because they are halfway between better known neighbours.

However, these mountains are steeped in history, ranging from prehistoric burial chambers to modern day aeroplane crashes. Though they may not have majestic peaks, towering aretes or spectacular corries, they do have something else to offer - sleepy hillfarms, few people, good access and particularly for the most part dry underfoot conditions. Unfortunately though, the range is better known for the obtrusive television mast on top of Mount Leinster.


From, Enniscorthy take the N30 towards New Ross. Approximately 3 miles before New Ross turn right onto the R731 (signposted R731 Rathnure, (R729) Borris) After 5 miles you come to a crossroads, Parking is on the left just past the church along the side of the road. - the starting point for the MPC.

From, New Ross take the N30 towards Enniscorthy. Approximately 3 miles after New Ross turn left onto the R731 (signposted R731 Rathnure, (R729) Borris) After 5 miles you come to a crossroads, Parking is on the left just past the church along the side of the road. - The starting point for the MPC.


Drummad (747 362) to Forest Entrance (764 367)
At the crossroads head east up and under the old railway bridge. At the junction (753 358) turn left and follow this road until you reach junction at (758 364) from here follow the unpaved track until you reach the forest entrance at (764 367)

Forest Entrance (764 367) to Track Junction (781 383)
Continue up the main track until you reach track junction at (781 383)

Track Junction (781 383) to Camp 1 (776 385)
At track junction (781 383) turn left after 100 m the track turns to the right, at this turn an old forest road continues going straight. Follow this track while taking care when crossing fallen trees. At the end of the track you exit the forest. The campsite is at the edge of the forest. Check in with a member of staff and set up camp.


Camp 1 (776 385) to Carrigroe (793 415)
From the campsite follow the ridge to Carrigroe.

Carrigroe (793 415) to Carrigalachan (790 427)

Carrigalachan (790 427) to Blackstairs Mountain (811 448)
From Carrigalachan drop down into the Col at (796 432) pass up trough Caher Roe's Den to the small cairn marking the top of Blackstairs Mountain.

Route Extension:
Blackstairs Mountain (811 448) to (810 464)
Continue down the spur until you reach (810 464)

(810 464) to Col (819 467)
Continue down hill until you reach the col.

Col (819 467) to Spot Height 405 (824 467)

Spot Height 405 (824 467) to High camp (811 432)
Contour around from spot height 405 to high camp taking care not to loose any height.

Blackstairs Mountain (811 448) to Col (817 435)
From the summit descend on a dogleg to (816 448) from here head to the Col at (817 435)

Col (817 435) to High camp (811 432)
From the Col travel the short distance to high camp. And check in with a member of staff before setting up camp. Take a well-earned rest and admire the extensive views of County Wexford.


High camp (811 432) to Col (796 432)
From the campsite contour around to the Col taking care not to loose too much height.

Col (796 432) to Track Junction (796 430)
Follow the track form the col to track junction.

Track Junction (796 430) to Track Junction (795 401)
Follow the right hand track trough the forest to the next junction. (795 401)

Track Junction (795 401) to Track Junction (790 394)
Keep right at the junction and continue along the improved forest road until you reach junction at (790 394)

Track Junction (790 394) to Forest Entrance (764 367)
Keep right at the junction and follow the track to junction (781 383) turn right and follow track to Forest Entrance (764 367) This is the finish point for the MPC.

Check out with staff here and well done!! We hope you all enjoyed the MPC and look forward to seeing you in Connacht and Ulster.