Connacht 1999 - Joyces Country

1-3 October 1999

The route this year is along a horseshoe ridge with a couple of up and downs
through cols to deal with. The ground is generally boggy so we advise
gaiters. The campsites were checked in dry weather and wet weather and give
reasonable camping. Please bring a ground mat. Both Campsites are prone to
gusting winds so please pitch your tent properly.(guidelines fully extended)

Drivers please note that the grey road shown on the map from the T-junction
(981 572) to Finny is only passable by Tractor. Do not attempt to drive it.
Approach from Clonbur side only.

Friday Night Sunsets 18.37 Last quarter of Moon

Limited parking at Y junction 978 569. There will be more parking at the 976
569( by the shed) Check in will be at the Y-Junction. Follow the road to
the T junction and travel east 1.5km. Walk down towards the shore. We camp
at Red Island 998 572.

Saturday Sunrise 7.02

From Base Camp we return to the T-junction and ascent to Lecarrow (478m) 973
Follow the ridge to the lake and then on to spot height 542m

Spot Height 542m 958 580
Follow the ridge to 552m and then to 560m. The ridge curves so do not
follow a straight line as it brings you to steep ground.

From Benbeg 560m descent to the saddle. The ground is steep here and in wet
weather very slippery so take care.
From the saddle climb up even steeper ground to Bunnacunneen 575m. The
grass here gives little grip in wet weather so be careful.

From the 575m travel on a bearing to the 500m (941578) contour. You will
need to pace yourselves to get the distance correct. Turn to the Col at 944

From the Col Travel to spot height 479m and onto the small lake in the next
col. 954 557

Steep Climb to lake at 957 552 and onto the 967551. Again you will require
accurate pacing to get to the right spot.
From here drop down to the col at 967 554 and onto high camp at 979546.


We will go straight over the mountain to return to the cars at Y junction
978 569.