Connach 1997 - Achill Island

The island of Achill is pretty remote but the hiking is superb and the views spectacular. We realise that you will probably be travelling a good distance to get here so we have the first camp site two minutes from the carpark.. The rest of the time however you will be remote and in the hills. The height in Achill will be gained from sea level so it is fairly tough. Also the Sea mist can shroud the place in a dense fog so good compass work is required. There will be some bases on this MPC at the checkpoints to give you some useful information on Mountain Craft. Weather dependant, we will allocate start times on Friday night. Slow teams should opt for an earlier start time as we only have 12 hours of daylight. The map in use is the 1:50,000 Sheet 30.

Proposed Route

Friday Night

Car park at F 562 045 to Campsite.
Park at the upper car park at F 562 045. Check in and walk following the track to F 595 045. There is good camping here although there is a slope.


Campsite F 595 045 to F 0558 037
From the Camp travel to the ruined Marconi Station at F 0558 037. The sea cliffs are extremely dangerous and need to be treated with caution.

F 0558 037 to F 545 048
Follow the track to F 545 048. The track does not follow the cliff edge theentire way and you should follow the track and not the cliff top.

F 545 048 to F 0548 049.
You should descend into the col and the arrive at the lake at F 0548 049.

F 0548 049 to F 554 048
From the lake we will ascent to the top of Croaghaun F 554 048. The summit is quiet small and with a steep drop to the sea to the north. Care should be taken with placing of rucksacks so that they don't roll away. From here and on a clear day you can see Iceland. There is plenty of photo opportunities so bring a camera.

F 554 048 to F 559 061.
From the summit follow the track to TonaCroughaun F 559 061. Be careful of the seacliffs to the left of the track. Sudden gusts of winds can occur and the edge is a straight drop.

F 559 061 to F 567 068
Follow the track to spot height 574m F 567 068. Be aware of the cliff edge falling away from itself along this track and noticeably on your map at F 565 067 with the obvious lost in height show by contours and creating a small valley between the old cliff edge and the new cliff edge. If you are going to look at this feature take extreme care.

F 567 068 to F 574 069
From Spot height 574m travel to F 574 069. This is a fairly flat descend and care should be taken not to veer left or right from the bearing. Pacing should be used on this leg as there is no definite feature to aim for and it can be difficult to find the checkpoint.

F 574 069 to F 577 085
From F 574 069 we will descend to Lough Nakeeroge F 577 085 and our second campsite. The route down is over steep ground and after a tough days walk care should be taken. There is plenty of good camping sites available here.


F 577 085 to F576 076
From campsite we will ascend to F576 076.

F576 076 to F0578 067
Again this is just a point on the map so care will be needed in finding the check point. The reason for this route is to keep well clear of the steep ground to the north west of Lough Corryntawy.

F 578 067 to F 578 067
From F 578 067 we travel to the carpark at F 578 058. This carpark is not shown on the map but it is there. From here follow the road back to Keem Strand.

Don't forget to check out.

Points of Information.

1. The road down to Keem strand is very steep and care should be taken if you are driving with a heavy car full of scouts.(use a low gear to aid braking).
2. Take a camera, you never know the weather may be nice!
3. Your rucksack will be weighed at check-in.
4. If you carry food in, carry the rubbish out. Burial will not do.
5. We would recommend laminating your map or using a proper map case.
6. There will be a First Aid base on this MPC so keep your First Aid kit handy as we are not telling you where it will be. This challenge base is to see if you can handle real life, real mountain injuries in real time.
7. Sunrise is at 7am.and Sunset is a 7pm.