Follow the main Sligo to Bundoran road (NI 5) to junction at 656 472. There is a church on the corner. Travel in a north-easterly direction along minor road to junction at 677 478. Turn right here and continue on to forest at 690 472. Parking is available in the forest at your own risk. Please arrive between 8pm and 10 pm. If you arrive early do not leave until you have been checked in.


After check in, follow the road to Lukes Bridge (698 473). Cross the bridge and follow the track leading off to the right as far as bridge at 703 468. Cross this bridge and follow the path which gradually peters out into boggy ground. The base camp is at 706 459.

Be sure to check in before settling down for the night.


As this will be a day hike you should leave your tents in position and take what you need (ie food and personal equipment) for the day. This should be evenly distributed among the team- it is not a good idea to bring one rucksack and pass it around. You will be given a start time and should not leave before then.

Base camp to Top of Stream at 706 454

From base camp, follow the course of the stream steeply uphill. This is the steepest climb of the day so take your time. You should keep to the left of the stream and near the top watch out for a sheep track which will take you over the steepest ground. As you go, take time to admire the unfolding view (weather permitting!). You should have a good view of Donegal Bay. Directly below you is Mullaghmore. Watch out for the tower rising from the woods near Mullaghmore. This is Classie Bawn castle, the former summer residence of Lord Mountbatten of Burma, a member of the British royal family.
Top of stream to Cartonwilliamoge at 701455

Turn in a north westerly direction and climb gradually to Cartonwilliamoge. As you go you should have an excellent view of the campsite in the valley below on your right.

Cartonwilliamoge to cliff edge at 697 465

If weather conditions are ok you will continue along the eastern side of Benbulbin to the cliff edge at 697 465. There are excellent views from here of the cliffs that form the famous profile of Benbulbin. BE CAREFUL AND FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS OF STAFF WHO WILL BE ON DUTY HERE. From here head up to the summit of Benbulbin at 692 463.

If weather is unfavourable, we will proceed directly to the summit of Benbulbin at 692 463.

The summit is marked by a trig point and is rather disappointing. There is no sense of being on an escarpment. However, you will not be disappointed by the views, From here you have a 360 degree panorama. Across Donegal Bay lie the Blue Stacks and Slieve League ; away to the east is Truskmore with its ugly TV mast, the highest point in Sligo ; to the south west is Knocknarea, crowned by a massive cairn and to the south Lough Gill and the Curlew Mountains. Beneath you to the north is Streedagh Point where the Spanish Armada came to grief in 1592 with the loss of hundreds of lives.

Benbulbin to Cartonwilliamoge at 701455

Leave the summit and return by a direct route to the top of Cartonwilliamoge.

Cartonwilliamoge to Spot Height 459m at 703 447

This takes you across some broken ground so keep a close eye on map and compass.

Spot Height 459m to Kings Mountain at 703 442

Continue over more broken ground to Kings Mountain which affords excellent views of Sligo, its bay and environs. Look out for Drumcliff church where W B Yeates is buried.

Kings Mountain to Spot height 438m at 709 439

There is a deep and very steep gully between these points so you should not take a direct route but make a dog leg to the north to maintain as much height as possible

Spot Height 438m to Spot Height 436m at 711436

The southern side of this spot height is a sheer cliff so be very careful as you approach it. From here there is a good view of Castlegar ( or Copes Mountain) on the other side of the valley and Glencar Lake with its two crannogs.

Spot height 436m to Slievemore at 713 447

This area is characterised by holes which are shaped like bomb craters; some of them are quite deep so beware. You may also come across a cave near Slievemore

Slievemore to Spot heig it 556m at 721 458
Continue in a northerly direction to 556m marked by a small cairn

Spot height 556m to spot height 597m at 728 463
Be sure to maintain your height along this stretch as it is easy to veer off to the left or right
Spot height 597m to gully at 724 465

There are dangerous cliffs here so be careful. From 597 m there are excellent views of Gleniff valley and of Truskmore. You will also see the old track leading to the now disused barytes mines near Glencarbury. This was used in the manufacture of paint. As you move along keep well back from the edge and traverse around a deep gully cut into the cliffs.

Gully to spot height 508m
From here follow the ridge keeping well back from the cliffs until you reach the spot height at

Under no circumstances should you proceed to Benwiskin or exit into Glenirrvalley; there is an ongoing access dispute with the land owners and we don't wish to get involved.

Spot height 508m to stream Junction at 710 473
Descend to the valle making sure not to cross any fences along the way - remember that

most accidents happen on descents.

Stream junction to track junction at 703 468

Cross through the turf cuttings until you reach the track junction. From here follow the track back to Base Camp


Pack your gear and leave base Camp when your site has been inspected. Remember that all litter must be taken away. Our route out is along the same path as we took in on Friday evening. Be sure to check in when you get back to the car park. Safe home!