Connaught Mountain Pursuit Challenge

6th - 8th October 1995

Maum Turks Co. Galway

Map Sheet 37/38 Scale: 1:50,000


The Maum Turk mountains are situated in northern Connemara and are part of a larger massif which spans the Galway / Mayo border. They are bordered to the north by Killary Harbour, to the east and west by the Maurn and Inagh Valleys and to the south by the Connemara peat lands. They along with the Twelve Bens are made of rock known as Connemara Schists although the upland portions are formed by quartzite, with schist and marble mostly restricted to the valley floors.

Situated as they are on the western seaboard they are exposed to all the Atlantic ocean can throw at them. This means that there will probably be rain in six out of every seven days. The Maum valley has the forth highest rainfall in Ireland. The Connemara Mountains can be dangerous at the best of times and a proposed route may be changed on the day if there is unfavourable conditions.

Friday Night:

Getting to the Start:

From Galway take the Clifden road to Maum Cross and turn right towards An Maum. Follow this road for about 6km. The start is located at the Garda Station at 963 524.

Check in at the car park. All patrols will he inspe cted for the correct equipment. Those not properly equipped will be sent home Do not leave the car park until you have been checked out by a member of staff.

As you leave the Garda Station take the road up the Maum Valley to the junction at 936 - 534.

Turn left here and walk along the track fox., about 1.5km till you come to the river at 925 524.

Follow the stream up hill to grid reference 910 530 and check in here. Base camp will he along

the river bank. Have a cuppa and turn in, and hive a good nights sleep.

Limited parking is available at 927 525


This is considered to be one of the best walks in Ireland offering the best views of the Maumturks and its neighbouring ranges. The route is a horse-shoe ridge walk which takes up to the summit of the highest Peak, Binn idir an da Log (702m). The route is airy and great care is advised whilst on route as the ridge gives way on all sides to steep ground and cliff. Water will be scarce on the higher parts of the route so be sure to bring plenty. The bike on Saturday is with a Day Sack only, remember to pack the equipment from your day pack equipment list, enjoy the bike.

Base camp to Marker Flag (901541)

As you leave base camp head up onto the right hand spur gaining the crest of the ridge at the marker flag.

Marker Flag to Col (886 538)

Head west along the ridge till you reach the spot height 435 at 889 543. Continue a little further west before making a descent into the col.

Col to Marker Flag.(884-534

This is the hardest section of the route and great care should be taken. The slope is covered in scree but it is possible to by-pass most of it. It is more advisable to avoid it that to try and go straight up as there is a danger of failing rocks. In this section stay in a tight group and do not climb directly under any one else. When you reach the marker- flag the hardest of the climbing sections will be behind you. Take this section slowly taking plenty of rests and drink.

Marker Flag to Binn idir an da Log (888 528)

You are now on the main Maumturks ridge, follow it upwards in a dog-leg route to the summit. This is also a heavy climb so take plenty of breaks and drink. Use the breaks to align you map an(] do feature reconnection as a patrol.

Binn idir an da log to Spot height 659 (894 526) :

Taking..& dog-leg route precede along (lie ridge taking care 011 (lie narrower sections till you reach the spot height.

Spot height 659 to Binn Chaonaigh 633m (900 516) :

The spot marked as 633 on your map is known as Binn Chaonaigh. Follow the ridge off the summit and (]own into the col at 896 5.18. Front here take a (dog-leg up to the summit of Binn Chaonaigh.

Binn Chaonaigh to Marker flag (914 517)

Head along the ridge to spot height 612 (902 520). From here descend along the spur till you reach the marker flag. Take care on the descent as 90% of hill walking injuries happen on the way down.

Marker Flag to Base Camp (910

From the marker Flag take a direct line back to base camp.

Reverse your route from Friday night and follow it out to the Garda Station.

Congratulations and well done