1 - 3 OCTOBER 1993

Start to Campsite.

Leave the Inagh Valley road at 820562 and follow the unsurfaced road for about 1km until you reach the end at 815552. Cross the fence and pick up a footpath. Continue along this till you meet a stone sheepfold. Just beyond it is the camp site at 808551. Check in and get the tent up.


Camp site to Col. 788531.

Leave the camp site heading up the valley across several streams over ground that gradually disimproves. About 1.5K from the site climb onto a. very obvious spur. The path climbs along the spur and then swings left below the side of Binn Blian.. Cross the deep gully left from a storm a few years ago. The path narrows into single file and eventually peters out a short distance below the col.

Col to Binn Bhan (730m).

This is the most difficult section of the walk. It involves some steep climbing so you should take your time. Heading in a northerly direction over steep ground keep to the left of the crag. Swing slightly back to the east (right) to gain the main ridge. From here the going is some what easier to the summit of Binn Blian. This is the highest point in the Twelve Bens and in Co. Galway. It is a fine summit which overlooks 3 of the valleys in the Bens: Gleann Eidlineach, Gleann Carbach to the east and Bearna na nEang to the west.

Binn Bhan to Binn Fraoigh (632m).

From Binn Bhan descend the gently-sloping ridge to the north west and then climb easily to the top of Binn Fraoigh.

Binn Fraoigh to Col. 774542.

Leaving Binn Fraoigh descend the steep ridge to the col. About 150m above the col there is a large step which can be avoided by swinging slightly to the left. Stop in the col and look back at might of Binn Bhan.

Col to Meacanach (656m) .

From the col it is a steep climb to the summit of Meacanach. This is formed of schist making the mountain more rounded and greener than the quartzite slopes of the other Bens. Keep to the left of the ridge as you climb to avoid the cliff on the north face (i.e. your right).

Meacanach to col. 763539.

Head in a westerly direction down the obvious ridge to the col between Meacanach and An Chailleach.

,Col to Campsite 770530

.From the col at 763539 follow the river for about 0.75k. Leaving the river
continue downhill heading for the campsite at 770530.
Camp site to Col 788531.

From the site head north east up the valley towards the col. There is some very wet ground which improves as you gain height. From the corner of the forestry continue along the river to the col over steep ground.

Col to road 820562

Below the col pick up the track and continue down over the ground you covered on Friday and Saturday.