Connaught 2002 - Sheeffry Hills

Date: 27th – 29th September, 2002

Map: Discovery Series No. 37

Directions to Start

From Galway:

Take the Clifden road until Maam Cross. At Maam Cross turn right and follow
signposts to Leenaun. From Leenaun follow the N59 and turn left unto the
R335. Follow the R355 until you pass Delphi Adventure Centre. Take the first
right turn after Delphi adventure centre and follow for approximately 7km
until you reach the car park.

From Westport:

Follow the N59 to Liscarney. At Liscarney turn right and follow the road for
approximately 16km until you reach the car park.


Limited Car Parking is available

The Check-in on Friday will run from 8.00pm to 11.30 pm. Any teams later
than this will have to make their way to the base camp for Saturday morning.


L 915 680 - Car park (Limited Car parking) - Check in and have your gear

L 915 694 - Western way turn - Follow the western way to a signposted

L 911 696 - Base camp - follow the western way across the river and to the
campsite - Lots of good sites about. As there is a river crossing on the
Friday night, be sure to have all your equipment securely wrapped in plastic
and bring spare socks in case your feet get wet. If the river is flooded we
will make alternative arrangements to get into base camp so follow any
instructions that staff give to you. When you get into base camp set up your
tent and get a good nights sleep.


L 911 696 - Base Camp

L 909 711 - Col - Follow up the stream and into the col

L 898 708 - Broad Top - Follow up the spur onto the broad top

L 893 705 - Col – Follow a bearing along the broad top and down into the
narrow col. If the weather is clear there are some fantastic views from this
col as the steep sides are quite spectacular. Take care however, and don’t
mess while crossing it.

L 881 707 - Spot Height 742. Follow a bearing up to the spot height

L 873 699 - Lake - Follow a bearing along the ridge to the small lake

L 862 694 - Spot Height 762 - Follow a bearing along the ridge
Extension – If teams are making good progress and are early they can do the
extension and follow the ridge out to the highest point on the Sheefry hills

L 849 695 - Spot height 772 - Follow along the narrow ridge to the spot and
return to SH 762

L 866 706 - Spur - Walk down the narrow spur. It looks very steep on the map
but is quite manageable. However, take care on the descent, especially if
the grass is slippery. As you will see from the map there is steep ground on
both sides of the descent so don’t wander off.

L 869 702 - High camp - around the lake - camping will be a bit spread out
but there is plenty there. There are some lovely cliffs above the campsite,
which makes it a very spectacular setting.


L 869 702 - High camp

L 866 706 – Spur. Retrace your steps from yesterday and walk back up the
spur to the top of the ridge.

L 881 707 - Spot Height 742. Handrail along the ridge to the spot height.

L 886 698 - Top of spur - follow a bearing to the top of the spur

L 892 689 - spur - Handrail down to the high point on the spur

L 904 687 - Spot Height - 436

L 913 699 - End of ridge

L 920 685 - Down to road - there are gates in the fence on the way down so
try not to climb over fences.

L 915 680 - Car Park - walk back down to the car park where we started


Well Done! Congratulations on finishing the MPC.

Bad Weather Route

If there is extreme bad weather that could make the route dangerous we will
be following a low level route into high camp. This will involve following
the western way over the gap and down into the next valley. We will walk
along by the lakes and up the river to high camp. If the weather clears up
you will still get to do some of the ridge with Sunday’s route. If the
weather still continues bad we will be walking out to the north of the hills
and will do a pick-up from the road there. As always, routes can change so
familiarise yourself with the general area and be prepared to change route
as directed by staff.