MAP SHEET: - 37 1:50,000

The Maumturks area beautiful rocky mountain range to the east of the 12 Bensand Connemara. On a fine day, they offer spectacular
views to the west as far as the Atlantic Ocean. The Mautnturks are quite rugged and care needs to be taken on the rocks. The main
of this route is along a ridge, which con only be accessed from certain locations. It is therefore important that you navigate carefully
along the route using your compass, map and route card and follow the safety instructions of the staff and the information in the
preparatory material. How to get there? From Galway head towards Clifden, at Recess turn right and drive on until you reach the start
location car park opposite the small fishing jetty.
SPECIAL EQUIPMENT Each patrol should bring a kite.

At the car park just south of the Lough Inagh lodge Hotel. If cars are being left here, make sure that you park properly and leave no valuables in the car. Check in is between 20.00 and 23.00 where there will be a thorough gear check. The Sionnach is a zero impact programme, which means anything brought in has to be taken out. so this is your last chance to leave unnecessary packaging or gear behind. To get to Base camp 859534 follow the road to where it meets the western way. Please keep quiet as there are several farmhouses along this kilometre stretch. Then follow the western way track to the northwest until it meets the small stream at Iliion. Do not take any short cuts across farmland or fences. Camp between the two small streams.

This is a stiff leg on the route as much of the climbing occurs here. Take your time and keep an eye out and avoid some of
the small crags. When you get to high camp. make sure you check in. Then pitch your tent and take your day hike
equipment for the remainder of the clay's walk. There is a reasonable amount of good camping ground but don't hog it all to
yourself. There will be a navigation activity along this route.

HIGH CAMP TO MAM EAN LOUGH 869546 The stream that leaves high camp to this lake is not well defined, in fact there are several small stream so take a bearing before you head out and check your route card for an approximate time for this leg.

MAM EAN LOUGH TO COL 872543 Keep along the top of the ridge to get to the Col.

COL TO LOUGH MAUMAHOGE The staff at the Col check point will advise on the best route to the lake i.e. how far to contour or whether to go to the top of Knocknahillion first.


This is rocky ground so take it easy and keep together. Keep clear of crags.

SUMMIT TO HIGH CAMP The best way to reach high camp is to go to the Col f irst and then down into the corrie where the camp is situated. Make sure everyone has a good meal when you get back to high camp and that you don't wander off after dark

Follow the stream out of high camp after you have checked out and your site has been inspected. There are several
streams so make sure you know which one.

AUNNAGREVAGH TO LETTERBRECKAUN (667) 855551 This again is a rocky leg and with full packs on, you need to take extra care. Take your time at a pace that suits the whole patrol. You will see from your map that the top is quite broad but the summit is over to the West. The ground is rocky so take your time.

667 TO LOUGH 861553 AND ON TO RUIN AT 843558 This is a long leg with the first bit being along a ridge which is not very will def ined; it is rocky so take your time and take care. Head for the small lake using a compass bearing if the weather is bad, then from the small lake we descend along the Sruffaunbaun river. Staff and ropes will be positioned in areas of steep ground. Be careful not to dislodge any rocks on teams below.

RUIN TO FINISH VIA AN UILLION At the settlement look for various signs of past habitation such as lime kiln. lazy beds, etc. From the ruin, follow the western way track in a southeasterly direction all the way, until it meets the road. Do not cut across farmland or fences. When you get to the road, follow it to the car park. This is a long leg but there is no short cut.