To book a team on an MPC send an e-mail to stating the event you wish to book for and your details. The entry fee is €40 per team. A team consists of no more than 4 scouts and 1 leader.

The booking details to be provided are;
Group Name,
Leader’s name (the leader who will be on the event),
Postal address,
Contact mobile number (this mobile must be with the team on the event).

Bookings are made on a first come first served basis but preference will be given to troops who have never taken part before. Additional bookings per troop can only be made if there are places available circa 2 weeks before the event.

Please provide a postal address and a contact mobile number for the leader taking the team on the event with your application.

Bookings are not finalised until the fee is paid in full.

Payment can be made by cheque/postal order – payable to the “MPC Team”. If you would prefer to organise a credit transfer, let the team know when booking and the bank account details will be provided.

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