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Cooking on the MPC

Cooking a hearty meal in the great outdoors is a really important and central part of the MPC. You don’t need to settle for a tin of beans or some plain pasta either. It is quite easy with a bit of planning to enjoy an exciting, appetising meal on the event.

Firstly, you’ll need the right equipment to cook your meal. As the MPC event takes place in a wilderness setting, the use of ground fires for cooking is not permitted. There is
a huge variety of stoves available – meths, petrol and gas burning stoves. Remember you want something very functional, efficient, easy to fuel, light and stable on the ground. Ideally you’ll need some form of wind shield.A Trangia is a light-weight aluminium cooking ‘system’ that traditionally burns Methylated Spirit, or ‘Meths’, that you cook over. It comes complete with pots, pans, kettle, burner, and windshield. A gas burner is also available and this is cleaner, more efficient and safer to use than the traditional meths burner.

Trangia stove systems are great for scouts and incredibly simple to use. The stove is light, quick to assemble and stable even on uneven ground. Trangia systems come with a built-in windshield meaning a windy day up on a hill won’t hinder you having a warm meal. The whole system packs away into the windshield and pan and is easy enough to clean after use.

If you can, prepare and the meals before the event. Store the dinner in a sealable plastic container or zip lock bag. You can also freeze meals to lengthen and retain their freshness, letting them thaw slowly in you backpack. This approach is ideal for meals like Stews, curries, chilli con carne and soups. It is simple to reheat them on your stove and also to have with Rice, pasta, noodles, cous-cous which can be cooked from scratch.

There are lots of good menu ideas on the web, here are a few to wet your appetite;
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