Your tent is the one of the most important pieces of equipment for your MPC adventure.

Good quality hiking tents need not cost a fortune, there are many affordable, robust tents available. Key things to look for include;

  • Hydrostatic head rating of at least 5000mm,
  • Ideally a geodetic /semi geodesic design,
  • Reasonable weight – not more than 4kg (if being carried by two),
  • Dome tents are good – ensure at least 3 poles for strength, 
  • Tunnel tents are OK – smaller and lower is better,
  • A porch for wet gear, boots is a key requirement,
  • Look for internal pockets to hold things like torches, hats, maps, glasses, etc.,
  • It can be useful if the outer be pitched first and the inner hung inside.

However, a badly pitched “Good Quality” tent is of no more value than a cheaper tent. Practice pitching the tent before any event including in the dark, in bad weather and on uneven terrain. Bring a few spare pegs and use all the guy lines. Don’t forget to bring the repair kit for the tent including the “pole sleeve” which is essential as a temporary fix for a broken pole. A roll of Duck tape is also well worth bringing along.

Some recommended tent options are;

Meteor Pro 200 €154 Tunnel tent 2.5kg  – Single Leader or Single Scout
Tempest Pro 200 €157 Tunnel tent 2.7kg – Single Leader or Single Scout
Tempest Pro 300 €189 Tunnel Tent 3.3kg – 2 Scouts or Leaders
Mirage Pro 300 €196 Semi geodesic 3 pole 3.6kg – 2 Scouts or Leaders
Pulsar Pro 300 €203 Tunnel tent 3.75kg – 3 Scouts

Have a look at the Scout Shop offerings here.