Current Bookings

Places are not confirmed until payment is received.
Details updated on 9th May 2019.

Leinster bookings (10-12 May)
25th Dublin
23rd Limerick
7th Waterford (confirmed)
11th Limerick (confirmed)
7th Port Howth Girls(confirmed)
7th Port Howth Boys
87th Dublin (confirmed)
91st Bluebell (confirmed)
33/40 Limerick
31st Waterford (confirmed)
54th Cork (confirmed)
112th Dublin Tues (confirmed)
112th Dublin Wed (confirmed)
45th Cork A (confirmed)
45th Cork B (confirmed)
34th Balbriggan (confirmed)
66th Dublin
11th Waterford (confirmed)
24th Dublin
9/10th Dublin (confirmed)
Event Full. Bookings closed.

How to make a booking
Don’t forget that MPC hoodies are available to purchase at the event.

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