Mountain Pursuit Challenge (MPC)

Welcome to the Mountain Pursuit Challenge website, designed to tell you all you need to know about the Mountain Pursuit Challenges, hillwalking and backpacking weekends run by Scouting Ireland.

MPCs are weekends of adventurous backpacking in the mountains. They are designed to be tough and challenging and aim to improve hiking, lightweight camping and navigation skills in the hills.

It is a serious undertaking and should only be done with a lot of preparation. The event takes place over three days and two nights camping. Four are held each year – one in each of the provinces of Ireland.

The event is not a competion or race, but an opportunity for Scouts to participate in a very challenging week-end and to meet scouts from other regions and Scouting Organisations as well as a great opportunity to get out and explore other parts of the country. The event caters for groups of four Scouts, between the ages of 13½ – 16 , with an adult leader.

The role of the adult leader with the team should be very much in the back seat: ensuring teams are prepared, providing support, a little encouragement and some training without taking over the navigation, organising and planning.